Ethics & Sustainability


Each item is handmade to order / or in very small batches in the Lae lovely Brighton studio, meaning I can easily cut back on waste and surplus product - without unnecessary over production.


Ethically sourced

We are making a conscious effort to design using high quality, ethically sourced products where ever we can - we are not perfect yet, but are getting much closer to this goal with each collection! 



Our packaging is 100% recyclable & (mostly) compostable, we also strive to keep our studio & environment as plastic free as possible.


Ethos & Accessibility

We want anyone & everyone to be able to enjoy Lae creations, and therefore am happy to arrange custom sizing & fitting, and bespoke orders on all items, often free of charge.



Lae designs are not ‘trend focused’ and only release a small amount of product per year, when inspiration strikes! This keeps styles timeless & fun - something we hope you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come!