Rewilding the brand...

Hi gorgeous visitors! 

Thank you for making your way to my page. I'm Lucy, the founder of Lae (@laestudio.) You might be totally new here, or have followed the brand for a while (previously Unmentionables Lingerie), either way, welcome!

I wanted to start my blog with a short explanation of why I'm rebranding, what the new name means and how it has come to be... 

First a little about me... I've been making lingerie for many years, along side working else where in the sector for an independent lingerie boutique & corset shop - and more recently doing design collaborations with other brands. I've done my fair share of styling work, research, alterations. I'm a huge lover or vintage & have taken a lot of inspiration from vintage design & fabrics.

After initially starting Unmentionables when i was just out of uni, designing and selling handmade lingerie and lounge at fairs, on Etsy & independently though the brand website. I moved to Brighton, and added vintage products to the mix - I now procure and sell vintage lingerie & boudoir items at the beautiful Snoopers Attic in Brighton & online. Suddenly Unmentionables as a brand became a mishmash of styles, inspirations, handmade and vintage which loved but yearned to streamline.

After mulling it over, a feeling a little confused about my direction, I decided to split the two businesses. Unmentionables Vintage still thrives in our gorgeous vintage boutique space (you can also shop some of the collection online here).

That leaves me, my design and styling work here, stripped back to where I began, still running the business solo and proud to call it by my own name! 

My initials read L.A.E but this is 'Lae' - pronounced *lay*, think lay down & roll around in lace adorned bohemian lingerie & lounge.  

Welcome to LAE Studio!